• re: Get Ready

    I love your interpretation and portrayal of the working class. The city is crushed under the faith, force, and work of one shoe. We often forget how integral each person is, the impact that their efforts have on the world around them. In a world of 7.5 billion people, we forget that each person means the whole world to someone. The high contrast of the print conveys this as a revelation.

    Your linocut is beautifully detailed. The strained, veiny hands tying sturdy boots characterize working hands. Did you intend for the role to be one of power? The sheer size of the hands towering over the city illustrates a higher power. Their dissension from the sky seems almost ethereal.

    I’m also very interested in your framing and process. Was the edge the shape of your linoleum block or the cut of your print? How long have you been doing linocuts? Did you start with drawing? If so, you have embraced the negative, carving out instead of drawing in.

    • Thank you Uji. I love the way you viewing the work. Yes this work shows the significance of people in different fields. I think everyone has a role in this world. I cut and shape my plates to look like an old book page. I start by drawing and remove negative. I started lino cut 2013 in my first year at Artist proof studio.