• re: Lavirint

    Thank you Jacob. It took me 2, 3 days of constant drawing. It's a poem in my native language, Serbian, and refers to people from the past and from the present, the people who were or are still among us. It reminded me on a maze.   Poem review in Serbian:

    постоје реке
    и постоје сећања на реке

    прве теку
    друге су текле

    готово да су исте
    сунце је најкрупнија риба
    и у једној и у другој

    постоје људи
    постоје сећања на неке људе

    први су ту
    други су били ту

    готово да им истоветно

    • Maja, what is the name of the poet?  Do you know if  he or she has been translated into English?

      I like the idea of a drawing with a poem in it, or  a poem  inside a drawing. The drawing is not  just an illustration of the poem, the poem is intertwined with the drawing. It's really cool.