• re: ‘Lonely area’

    It’s interesting that you associate jubilance and vibrancy with a busy lifestyle. I get the sense that you are living in a city and even if there is seemingly so much life around you, there is still a loneliness amongst the crowd as a single individual. No one really knows or interacts with anyone else on the busy streets. Everyone has their own lives, schedules, and obligations. Is this where you are coming from or is it something you have seen from the outside looking in?

    I see human influences from the table setting and the train in the background but no humans. Like you said, there is a sort of emptiness among the trees and nature, displayed by the empty chairs and plates. Industrialization has robbed the earth of its original, natural beauty and erased humanity in its wake. There is a hollow shell of humans, as only human creations remain, but no existing human connections.