• re: Pink Ghetto Phase I: Pink kitchen

    I am interested in your use of installation and photography to give new life to old belongings. This room has multiple layers of traditionally female influences, from the pink walls to the fact that it is kitchen. The way that you have photographed the space also shows light emanating from the left side. This, to me, is the “exit” you speak of. Your use of photography shows the emergence of a more modern woman, outside of the kitchen and societal norms. How much attention do you focus on capturing your instillations? I only ask because the image is very powerful and is able to be conveyed internationally through a screen, as the physical space cannot.

    • Thank you for your comment, and I'm happy that you "read" this photography (and installation in the same time) very well. Actually, I didn't put much attention on capturing my installations before, because I thought that it's almost impossible to catch all ambiance (I'm using also sounds/noise/words, even smell in my "rooms"). But after that, I sow that the photography or video is the only way how I can archive my works. So, now I'm playing also with photography, or I'm collecting the photos or videos of people who can see them. It's like different perspective on the same installation. (Sadly I don't have a lot of photos here. I'll attach more these days, or you can check more of my works here: http://runevska.portfoliobox.net/)