• re: Pink Ghetto Phase I: Pink kitchen

    Thank you for your comment, and I'm happy that you "read" this photography (and installation in the same time) very well. Actually, I didn't put much attention on capturing my installations before, because I thought that it's almost impossible to catch all ambiance (I'm using also sounds/noise/words, even smell in my "rooms"). But after that, I sow that the photography or video is the only way how I can archive my works. So, now I'm playing also with photography, or I'm collecting the photos or videos of people who can see them. It's like different perspective on the same installation. (Sadly I don't have a lot of photos here. I'll attach more these days, or you can check more of my works here: http://runevska.portfoliobox.net/)

    • Jasmina, your website is very expansive in detailing the features of your installation. More than anything, I appreciate your growth in realizing the archival impact of your works and adjusting to accommodate it. As an artist, you clearly have a vision as you create an installation, appealing to each of the senses and requiring immersion. But you have broken boundaries and transformed it into an art form that can be shared in the modern age, in spite of your initial objective. I look forward to seeing more of your work!