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    hi 🙂 and thanks  and regarding to what you said here is my answer 

    this  painting is called  ,,Open door '' and  I have tried to portray another type of daily pleasure. What  I wanted to do is not to criticise it , but to have a neutral feeling upon the situation. The bodies are distorted but not their feelings! 
    The two girls become one body,that is not connected anymore to the present as  they  do no see the 3rd person ,,,a man who seems very calm for the situation; he is interested in it but he waits for the moment when he can reach the hand of the girl and without knowing it the girl somehow gives him the permission to take control,,,
    ....The only girl that looks at the viewer is the last one but he looks behind us..somewhere indefinite...
    I am interested in Picasso's drawing and I have tried to see how far can I go..also because of the brushes and colours I have tried to differentiate the   2 girls from the cold blue- white man whose shape goes in the background but always comes back because of the orange...and is like in life when you do no really want to  let go of something that is inappropriate for you ..(.because clearly he is intruding in a personal situation .... )