• re: Reyna de la noche

    Hi Uji,

    Thanks for the comment! I love the idea of lino-cuts because there are so many steps to it, like planning and reflecting, as you mentioned. I am not always the best with planning anything, especially in my art. I usually just jump right in and try to figure out how to move forward as I go, but I really appreciate lino-cuts for this reason; they demand that I take my time and think more about what it is that I want! haha I have to be careful because there is always the 'point of no return' when you cut something out of linoleum, so you want to make sure every cut is exactly what you wanted and then be extremely careful with it. The act of cutting into linoleum is a very soothing feeling too. I feel that making lino-cuts gives me more patience, I have to think about what I want, sketch it on the linoleum and theeen cut. I do appreciate though that even when you do this and things 'don't go as planned', sometimes you end up adding more to it with what you take off and creating something even more beautiful than you had imagined. And it is so great to be able to make prints that are exactly the same over and over too! This gives you the chance to then explore with colors and see which complement your creation the best!! Something I also like is having the same print and then being able to personalize it by adding layers/designs to it, making each print even more unique. =)