• re: Still Life


    This is my favorite work of yours. Folds in the fabric and its sheen evoke touch. There is a starchy turning of pages and the distinct sound of something knocking against wood. In rendering these inanimate and mundane objects, you have personified them. Multiple senses can be used: sight, touch, smell, sound. Not even taste is missing as the wear on the re-used water bottle is pronounced with the chalky look that scratched plastic gets.

    Your still life with brown pencil on paper reminds me of the tall mirrored cabinets in my home in India where we store all of the extra pillows and blankets because inevitably we will have a house full of guests at some time or another due to a celebration or wedding. You have so effectively captured the texture and feel of the fabrics and strings. Even as a still life your objects have such a presence.

    • So much greatful after going through your comment. I am working on it still with various new ideas, hope i could do better. Need blessing and wishes. Keep in touch. Thank you.