• re: Transformation

    I'm so intrigued by your entire series. I love that everything, from the mixed media to the subject, is reminiscent of the broken pieces theme you are exploring in dehumanization. I'm very interested in your use smooth textures and soft colors to convey the violence and declining humanity. Your style is very fluid, yet very intense. To me, it seems that you are commenting on the fact that the change goes almost unnoticed on a daily basis by the human race, but there is a drastic and ceaseless deterioration. Is it a commentary on the human race's inability to intercept the process of their own dehumanization or did you have something else in mind?

    • Thank you Uji so much for your nice and precise comment. Actually you described my work in a very sensitive way which indicates my feelings even those that I haven't wrote in the description. However a great sense of something that I have,  no words are enough to explain. That's why we make art.