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    Alja, thank you for your response. That does help answer my question. I appreciate that even when you do give a title, it is so open. For example, the word “interaction” in your title doesn’t specify what the viewer should interpret the “interaction between color and drawing” as. However, it guides the viewer to a focus in order to have their own experience with the piece. What is the larger theme of your Master’s degree? I’d love to know more about it.

    • Uji, I am really sorry for my late respone. I had some work and stuff to do.


      I am very happy that you are interested in my work and I appreciate it.


      In my master I was analyzing art works, which were like colour drawigns. I was looking at shapes, forms and colors used in every art work. Because of course, colors also have some emotional impact or influance on us. And also we know that the specifics of colors can be seen in forms.  Every colour has its own shape or form. Also I was analyzing my work: my prints and my drawings. Basicly I was witing about art theory and then I was searching it in art works.


      I hope I answered your question. If you want to know something else, let me know. And sorry again for my late answer.


      Best regards,