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    Roombook Series: Poland
    Roombook Series: Poland

    ROOMBOOK project is a series of collaborative 'exhibitions in process' established by artist collective, ZRWR. Since November 2010, there have been 7 editions of the project in various spaces (including non-gallery space) in several Polish cities. Every exhibit had its own form, theme and set of participants. Artists involved in the projects were allowed to use various art mediums, from traditional to contemporary.


    ROOMBOOK 1 | Notebooks Library November 2010- March 2011 

    5A Photo Gallery at Pedagogical University of Krakow

    A social experiment aimed at popularizing the phenomenon of artistic notation amongst artists and audience/participants throug sharing sketchbooks, thoughts and intimate experiences. This project created a space where anyone interested could visit and leave something behind, marking their presence. Over 40 individuals participated and 40+ notebooks sketchbooks and countless art objects were collected.  Two additional documents were made: a film recording and a stop motion animation. Participants: Sylwia Bobeł, Konrad Peszko, Michał Ujczak, Dina Sabat, Daniel Zięcina + Guests


    ROOMBOOK 2 | Art and Documentation | May 2011

    Patio Gallery, University of Humanities and Economics in Lodz

    This project transfered documentation of ROOMBOOK 1 to a gallery space, it presented the movie, animation, notes and sketchbooks that documented the 'exhibition in process' of Roombook 1.

    Participants: Sylwia Bobeł, Konrad Peszko, Michał Ujczak, Dina Sabat, Daniel Zięcina Wyróżnienie na Ogólnopolskiej Wystawie Rysunku


    ROOMBOOK 3 | A Point and a Line | June 2011

    Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun 

    This edition is best described as an outdoor Roombook. From the beginning it was treated as a challenge and experiment with new media, film, photography and performance. Each participant had their own set of inspirations, which were used as the basis for a film and the choices of the footage and form. Finished movies were shown at a group exhibition as a part of the Drawing Contest organized by Chair of Drawing at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun.

    Participants: Konrad Peszko, Michał Ujczak, Dina Sabat, Daniel Zięcina

    *Honorable Mention at Polish National Drawing Competition


    ROOMBOOK 4 | NottoApril 2012

    Exhibition accompanying Polish National Student Competition NOTO Pedagogical University of Cracow and Onamato Gallery, Cracow

    ZRWR group members and guests students were paired with professors and employees of the Pedagogical University and Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow to create joint projects. Eight multimedia installations were made. Also they had to be adopted to a specific site of the Onamato Gallery, which is housed in a flat.

    Participants: Bogusław Bachorczyk and Katarzyna Kwater – Doublet, Andrzej Bębenek and Konrad Peszko – Rhombus, Halina Cader-Pawłowska and Joanna Rosiak – Hidden Ally, Iwona Demko and Daniel Zięcina – Witold, hide all these packages, Beata Długosz and Łucja Piątkowska – Echo, Ewelina Małysa and i Marcin Szot – Matrix, Marcin Surzycki and Dina Sabat, Dariusz Vasina and Michał Ujczak – Sketches


    ROOMBOOK 5 | War of ImagesMay 2012

    Patio Gallery, University of Humanities and Economics in Lodzm, International Festival of Photography in Lodz, 2012

    This Performance simulated a carefree fun duel between two personalities - the two founders of the ZRWR group: Daniel Zięcina and Konrad Peszko. The action closely related to the process of developing the negatives. With canvas screens covered in light-sensitive emulsion hanging in a foil tunnel, participants devastated and transforming each other’s works with a toy water guns filled with developer. 

    Participants: Konrad Peszko, Daniel Zięcina, Łucja Piątkowska, Joanna Rosiak


    ROOMBOOK 6 | Friends Forever (Visegrad Project)June 2013

    Library Gallery, University of Humanities and Economics in Lodz | International Festival of Photography in Lodz 2013

    Collective exhibition of the members of ZRWR group and students of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. ZRWR group members were paired with students from Warsaw. They presented photographs and multimedia installations, which were showing their point of view about friendship and interpersonal relations.

    -ZRWR : Krakow, Poland

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