• ‘Saudade’ | Chandigarh, India

    Indian artist Darshan Singh Grewal creates a photographic series following the path of a clown, a symbolic representation of one’s inner spirit exploring itself in adverse environments.



    There is an explorer inside every one of us, an explorer who emerges at different times of life.

    'SAUDADE'  ('Clown Project') symbolically and poetically represents the long struggle to self discovery and self knowledge. It follows the travels and trials of our inner clown, who is beckoning his latent essence in adverse external settings, depicting emotions each of us feels at some phase of our lives. Evoking a feeling of longing, we go through a journey to find our inner clown, who curiously searches beyond limits and boundaries, and believes that “one finds oneself better in a difficult surrounding".

    saudade-331Self-development is a long experiential process; struggling with the heart’s unfathomable pangs, surpassing the illusory suspicions of the mind, we seek the other side of life, we connect to the whole and transform into a new and tremendous state of being. We meet people having diverse perspectives, cultures and beliefs. We accept, reject and reflect on what we come across. We measure ourselves constantly and reevaluate our perspective. In search of our latent essence, many times we form, deform and transform. Through this cyclic process, the evolution continues. Lingering throughout is a deep melancholic longing of something absent, which sporadically triggers our desire to meet our forgotten soul.

    Click image below to see the photographic series Saudade: