• Scribble It Down | 2013

    EAS artist Einat Moglad worked with international young artists to initiate a collaborative, digital project. Each artist contributed to a single Photoshop file, producing a final work that displays each of the artist's styles.   

    Curatorial Statement

    Scribble it Down is an experimental project featuring a new and unique collaborative effort between young artists working together although geographically distant.

    Scribble it Down fuses various elements of today's digital capabilities. Technological developments today are changing the ways people engage in dialogue, becoming essential for both information and social contact. The  concept of sharing images and ideas, to gather people around mutual interests, has become relevant to every aspect of the contemporary age.

    The "global village" is now a reality. People find themselves closer to one another with little boundaries in communication and a common frame of mind (technology being the unifying paradigm). "Scribble it Down" merges digital communication trends with traditional art and creation processes. It creates an artistic dialogue via the digital media, connecting and fostering collaboration among artists. It gives an opportunity to ‘scribble down’ our ideas while remaining open minded and receptive to others’ input and contributions.  It uses the strength of the group to grow and allow art to expand.
    The digital era is giving birth to new ways of creating. Computer programs, new file and communication formats, enhanced storage capabilities, and better visual detailing are expanding the visual. It is giving birth to a new type of artist, who takes advantage of these new tools for artistic expression.

    The presentation of this project is an invitation to the viewer to see artists embrace the freedom provided by the digital medium. It is an exploration into how the digital world, with its multitude of memes and imagery folklore, can find coherence and produce provoking works of art.

    Participating Artists :

    Anita Rodríguez | Stratton, Colorado USA

    Brianna Lea Pruett | Placerville, California

    Jason A Katzenstein | Los Angeles, California

    Jon Delgado | London, England

    Gall Yanay Orian | Tel Aviv, Israel

    Dorit Stern | Ramat Gan, Israel

    Inbal Hoffman | Tel Aviv, Israel

    Harel Menacheml | Herzelia, Israel

    Idan Lightman | Tel Aviv, Israel