• re: Teaching art to kids in a remote Indian village | Part 2

    Hi Pallavi,

    I love how open minded you are in your approach to teaching and to your students' work. When did you choose to become a teacher? I mean, as opposed to remaining solely an artist?

    On the contrary, I also appreciate how you continue to make your own art personal. I agree that there is strength in the vulnerability of who we are and what we believe. I too, see art as an exploration of my trials and tribulations. It is from unique, personal views that art creates an impact on society.

    You brought up the beautiful idea of transference. A piece has life born out of it's artist mind and heart but as soon as it is complete, a viewer must breathe new life into it. It is first an receptacle, and then a vessel based on the eye of the beholder. Artists and viewers are required for art to have life. Without that line of communication, art loses its purpose, to see and be seen.