An international visual art exhibition / bringing the global to Tanzania

curated by Gadi Ramadhani, Koko'TEN Studio, in collaboration with Emergent Art Space


'Last Image Show' is a curatorial project that aims to challenge and deconstruct the way in which societal conventions impose constraints on the free expression of ourselves and our identities. 


According to Brazilian educator Paulo Freire [1921-1997], “the system of dominant social relations creates a ‘Culture of Silence’ that instills a negative, silenced and suppressed self-image into the oppressed." A culture of silence also causes the “dominated individuals [to] lose the means by which to critically respond to the culture that is forced on them by the dominant culture.”


The 'Last Image Show' offers a platform to explore the theme of 'silence' from different perspectives and in different contexts, using artistic mediums and creative expression. Where an attempt is made to refute individual expressions by means of unspoken rules, freedom of speech is affected. The exhibition offers a safe space for artists to bring their contribution and share their understanding of the theme of silence in their societies and communities, of being silenced and of breaking the silence, and to explore and articulate issues of local as well as global significance.


The 'Last Image Show' exhibition will be held in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Alliance Française de Dar es Salaam

11 - 23 of September 2018




  • Artists who are between 18-30 years old can submit their portfolio of work for selection.

  • - All artworks must be created by the submitting artists, who must have legal ownership and must be the sole owners of the copyright.

  • - All media and techniques of visual art can be submitted: painting, photography, sculpture, installations, digital art, etc.

  • - Artists are encouraged to submit works that reflect the theme of 'silence', giving expression to both their individual and their community concerns.


Entry information


  • - Artists who are interested in participating in the project can send up to 4-5 jpg images of their work (300 dpi resolution), a short statement/synopsis (about 250 words) outlining the central idea of the concept, and a CV (including name, age, city, country and contact information).

  • - All images must include details of the works: title, size, medium and year.

  • - Submissions can be sent by email.

  • - There is no entry or participation fee.

  • - Deadlines for submissions: March 23, 2018.

  • - A single work with all its components may not exceed 150cm x 150cm in any direction

  • - Selected artists will be notified after April 11, 2018, and will be provided with all the details and shipping instructions.


All communication and submissions should be sent to:

Koko'TEN Studio | Gallery,  Kisarawe Road, Kibada,

P.O.Box 14033,  Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Tel: +255 786 072 399


Gadi Ramadhani is a Tanzanian visual artist, curator and exhibition producers. His areas of interest include art as it intersects with social issues through multiple artistic disciplines. Gadi is the founder of Koko'TEN.

Koko'TEN is an independent curatorial hub dedicated to the research, development and presentation of contemporary art and culture in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. KokoTEN is a platform intended to fill the gap of critical conversation about art in the region, and to bridge local visual arts and artists with international production.

Emergent Art Space is an international art organisation based in San Francisco, California.  Providing a platform for young artists around the world, Emergent Art Spaces encourages and promotes exchange, dialogue, and understanding, through art, across artistic traditions and cultural differences.