ceramics (62X22X22), 2012

My artistic work is based on exploring the border between ceramic sculpture and wheel thrown craft, finding my own voice in creating thoughtful forms, using wheel thrown forms. I'm dedicated to explore the possibilities of creating an artistic expression on the potter's wheel. The common thread of my work is compositing individual wheel thrown forms in fine, sculptural, artistic object. I deform, combine, place them in order to lose the humans's feeling of usefullness of the wheel thrown vessel and to view it as a sculpture. In Slovenia, the potter's wheel is categorized and appreciated as craft, and it's used in order to create functional, traditional work. With positioning and valuating wheel thrown forms I open new questions and researches, which would replace it's position from craft to art field. With my works I want to break the border between craft, traditional work and sculpture. In today's world's aesthetics, contemporary art and theory, wheel thrown vessels and forms seem old and out of time, so it's necessary to find a way of transforming them in to the contemporary world.   

The form was constructed in order to create an association of human figure.