Heterogeneous Development

Graphical Cartoon (A5), 2014
    • Thank you for the explanation! 

      It is interesting that similar graphic representations of "heterogeneous development" could be drawn for most other cities around the world...
    • Hi,
      Yes...It's About Tehran the capital of Iran...I divided Tehran to 5 zone in this drawing...Downtown,Uptown,Lower town,West and East.
      I mentioned Tehran symbol of heterogeneous development...rich lives tower at the Uptown...Mid-people lives at west,east and downtown...weather is so bad and septic at the downtown and very crowded...heavy traffic...and at the lower town in the down of drawing...where the people of Tehran inattention to this zone as though this zone of Tehran  cast away from this Metropolis.
      I hope my explain be enough 🙂
      thanks for your attention.