Space for painting I, Serie: Landscapes after the battle

Acrilyc on canvas (200 x 180 cm), 2014

In this series of works I represent abandoned and destroyed
places whom I live and I have nourished in my life path. They are metaphoric
images of a contemporary social situation that worries me and convey to the
viewer a sense of uncertainty and existential emptiness.

For the creation of these paintings I start from photographs
of these places and then I transfer to the fabric through a slow and steady
process, always I seeking a light quality. On the other hand, following these
approaches, we can find some works that are completely abstract, where I work
with the concept of destruction as artistic process to create an image that
gives us the feeling that we are faced with a total demolition.

All this constitutes a series of works in which figuration
and abstraction are mixing into each other in an atmosphere that envelops
everything; a combination of light and darkness, strength and weakness,
visible-invisible real and unreal, chaos and order, full and empty, where
opposites are not opposed to each other, but complementary.