Distant Memory

video (1920x1080 px), 2014

Distant Memory is a
video poetry, which speaks about the times that once were. It all starts with a
random event which evokes narrator's memories about the times before the
disintegration of Yugoslavia and encourages reflection about what the war
actually brings and how quickly people forget everything. The poem can be
interpreted as a letter or a personal confession of an unknown man (it can be a
sailor) written for the mighty Tito's ship Galeb. The ship has a symbolic value
in the poem and through the variety of short scenes showing different details
we can observe different interpretations and connections between real life and
the imaginary world of poetry.


Video was exhibited on
former Yugoslavian president Josip Broz Tito’s ship Galeb as a video installation
in Jovanka’s (Tito’s wife) bedroom. The visitors could climb in her bed and had
an intimate moment with the video and the distant memory of nostalgia which was
present in every corner of the mighty old ship.


Video and poetry:
Valerie Wolf Gang

Voice: Ulay