Oil on Canvas, 2013

Without a photograph of the angle I desired, I painted from multiple old pictures of my mother. She passed away when I was young, so my memory of her is limited. To fill in my gaps, in addition to a compilation of images to form the profile of her face, I asked close relatives for feedback throughout the process. Using the colors and strokes, I wanted to capture who she was and what she meant to those she loved. The pieces of the painting represent my process and how I have come to know her.

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  • Im very drawn to how you made the art process collaborative by welcoming different forms of references- from oral to visual-to create such an intimate and lovely art piece that rests over a collection of surfaces.

  • Thank you so much for your beautiful comment, Jessica. I hadn't realized the various forms of references that pulled this piece together. To me, it was the process I went through in order to create a profile angle of her face (one I don't have a photograph of) and thus fill in an absent memory. It also represented, on a larger scale, how I came to know my mother as a figure in my life. Following your comment, I find myself  interested in other depictions of the same process of recreating the past, perhaps in writing or music.