A Message to Humanity

experimental video poetry (1920x1080 px), 2015

Experimental video poetry from anthology “An Artist Abroad” | Portugal 2015 | 2 min 45 sec

“A Message to Humanity” is a very expressive poem from the video poetry anthology “An Artist Abroad”. It shows the disappointment of artist Valerie Wolf Gang towards the modern world and speaks directly to public: don’t listen to the media, everything is a lie. While living abroad for a year Valerie was away from the news and media from her country and realized that it’s not important for her life to follow it, because in every country something is happening and national media is always very specific about it so we never see the real truth about the world. The only truth and real life lies beyond the remote control and the poem is sending a strong message to humanity which we need to think about and distance our self from the prejudice and hatred we have for each ether. We can make a better world only if we try to look beyond the artificial fears of ‘others’, nationalism and fake feeling of the system authority. You create all the love and all the hate in the world.

More information: http://artist-abroad.com/portfolio/video-poetry-collection/

Video was shot as part of challenge Cinemasports 2015 and was awarded as TOP PICK Jury Award in Taiwan.