Contemporary portrait

photo (90cm*135m), 2012

In today's society, between the person and person's indifference.As people have become like the sculpture of the cold and hard.To awaken to the nature of their own thinking.Works with later processing pictures of characters, to reflect a kind of hard, broken, feeling cold.

    • This is a very striking and provocative photograph, LiuYi, and I wanted to first thank you for putting it up on EAS so that I can see your work.

      I am very curious to learn more about how you produced this piece. I imagine that you did more work to this piece than take a photo shot. What was that process like? How did your idea about the piece change as the process moved forward.
      Thanks again for putting your work up in EAS. I have enjoyed looking at all of your pieces, and I hope to see more in the future!

    • I thank you for the support works. I use Photoshop to do so a few photos, I did a lot of experiments, how can slowly study to achieve the desired results, is still not very mature. I will take a group photo to all the people inside are made of this effect, but there is no end. I thank you for your support. But my English is not good, please forgive.