Kenneth Savage

I began this portrait series in 2009 to show the meaning of identity for adolescents. The portraits were created after a series of interviews with the models on their own sense of identity. Though our hobbies and interests may change over time, where we come from grounds us and shapes who we are or strive to be. Every element in the paintings were carefully chosen to best capture the personality and essence of the model.

    • Bianca! I'm so glad you made a Portfolio on Emergent Art Space! Ah, I love this piece. I love the whole series actually. I'm wondering, why is it that you chose to portray them without any clothes? Hope you are well!

    • Chiara 🙂 I see our identity coming from a place that is the most basic and natural we can get. I feel like our clothes are a commercialized sense of who we are and I wanted my figures to be seen by more than what they wear, but what they truly feel makes them who they are. Clothes can become a distraction from who we believe we are. I also wanted their postures and expressions to stand out. Hope I answered your question 🙂