Immersive video installation (ti), 2016
This video is part of a series 'Suspended' consisting of four videos which delves on the idea of the endless knot. It is an immersive video installation where the projection is on four opposite walls of a room. Boredom from repetition and monotony is inscribed in this series of videos. They try to reinterpret time as a chain of repetitions, where one gets entangled in the loop of routine, doing the same futile actions inevitably, while finding solitude and silence only in the gaps between the iterations.
So much ink on these pages,
flipping from one to another, 
flipping through day and night, 
flipping in and out of the bed. 
So much goes between 
the ink and the flipping, 
yet we don’t realize. 
Just keep flipping.

In this video the figure composes herself in front of the mirror, and very slowly removes clips from her hair. Initially the clips are not clearly established,
and give an ambiguous feeling and making one curious. The whole action keeps repeating, and the clips reveal themselves with time. There is a sense of burden
which is felt whenever the hands reach for the clips. However, the face stays expressionless and fixed at her own reflection; while looking at herself she becomes
one with her movements. She is calm and aware about her inability to get out of the endless endeavour, and still doesn’t show a hint of exhaustion or struggle. 

The second video takes a step closer to the uncanniness found in the former one. The pace of the video is extremely slow and disturbing, like scratching on a black- board with fingernails. The back of a sleeping female is seen, this shot continues for very long. Finally, she initiates to turn, but disappointingly goes back in the same position, again suggesting a turn but never turning and never revealing her face. Nevertheless, the video goes back in loop to the slow beginning, without settling the curiosity, and without letting her wake up from her sleep. The tension is never resolved, and a satisfaction never attained.

You can view the whole video series here: