Efforts against Entropy


Statement of Intent

'This piece is a work in progress. Each day of the exhibition I will push the clay from the inside out causing it to expand. It will begin to crack and strain showing signs of pressure. The clay will be pushed until moments before collapse and then left until the next day when it will be stretched again.'

Entropy refers to a principal in where all matter eventually moves towards disorder. In contrast to this is the belief held by many psychologists such as Jung that it is an innate human desire to strive to reach our potential and evolutionary theory of adaptation for survival. We put effort and energy into trying to go against this ‘entropy’ to try and surpass our original selves to grow and evolve as individuals. However often we encounter self-destructive tendencies, self-sabotage, inhibitions and limitations that prevent us from reaching our capabilities. 

This work explores the tension that these somewhat conflicting forces have. It is symbolic of a striving for growth and attempts to gain control of one's limitations.