Kristina Rutar

On the Origin of Species, Room IV. Detail I.

Ceramics, sand (Site-specific), 2018
On the Origin of Species, Room IV. is the final room of the exhibition. The space is divided into four separate rooms.
While the first three phases show the development of the embryo form and the story of life, the last room is a contrast to them - it is a reminder of not only death but also of our role in it, the role of our humans when it comes to shaping the future of our planet. Not only on the physical level of taking care of nature and preserving the species, but also on a sociological level - the relationships we build between ourselves and minorities in our society. It is well known that Darwin's theory was and still is taken out of its context for racistic reasons. It is taken out of the context to reject to help the people in need, the weaker ones. Life has become the race of the strongest, the fittest without any regards to others, but ourselves.
 With the intent of pointing out this problem, the visual language is shifted from growing sculptures to the decaying ones. The sand gets a new dimension, it does not only give softness to space, but it also remembers each step we make in the space. The imprints of our foot, which we made from the first room, all through the whole exhibition indicate the role we have in the world - we are responsible and each one of us has an impact on the future of our world.
 The forms are broken, shattered, decomposing into the nothingness of the sand we carelessly walk on.
Detail II., the wave of shards.