Regeneration: Sole Work of the Holy Spirit

Charcoal & pastel on paper (280mm x 374mm), 2018
This work is allegorical of John 3:8. Amidst the plenteous harvest with yet a few labourers here in Polokwane, of South Africa, it boldly affirms that the movement and operation of the Spirit of God is not less perceptible in the renewal of man than the motion of the air in this earthly and outward life. Yes, the wind blows wherever it lists, maybe like a readily raised fist, but the manner of it is concealed. Therefore, we would seem the negative of the emotion of which I have chosen to portray through these two lads, that is; ungrateful and malicious, if we do not adore the inconceivable power of God in the heavenly, of which we behold so striking an exhibition meanwhile in this world.