Danger: Innate Passivity

, 2011

As Merleau-Ponty said, there is a blind point in the phenomenology of human perception that escapes us, an escape which we do not always stop to think or reflect. The challenge is to make visible the invisible. This work is a formal representation of our current socio-political reality of the world we live. It is an attempt to bring to the society the permanent reality that this world suffers from an international point of view and an invitation to personal reflection.

Here different types of news with their headlines are interwoven and contrasted, some of them made by the already impenetrable and omnipotent mass media and others like artistic manifestations created the most of them by artists and media professionals; developing outside (surface) the catastrophic facts that occur occasionally in relation with the most authentic and enduring problematics located in the center of the composition (core). Some news seek the complaint of extreme situations and the claim (the invisible), others the surprising of an extraordinary event using the morbid spectacle to get it (the visible).

Here there are two points of view, two opposed interests that migrate each day the present of our lives. It is only a matter of oneself to decide until what point we are interested in getting involved and in analyzing both sensations.