Sahara Libre Flag

Autochthonous stones and sand, cement and paintings, 2011


Conscience as consciousness of geographic location from an international level, claiming the right to lands occupied by violence and belonging to those who will always be its legitimate owners: their authentic and true citizens.

It builds a large flag as the identity of this people, seen from the sky and pointing toward his undisputed place of origin, emerging from the altered, the unreason and the madness of an unjust world.

A project that can be observed by all over the planet from the Google Earth platform. A project that extols the values of cooperation, making it collaborative, plural and caring.

Definitely, the essence of this work looks at the symbolic and the great to send a message to the world; about strength, vigor and drive that has Saharawi people... and denouncing, in the same way, the permanent violation of their rights.
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