lost in translation

Mixed media on paper (5 X 7 inch , 24 X 30 inch)

The visuals of the letters in any language reveal a secret codeas if forming a new ‘language’ altogether. My grandmother created such a code that was similar to the letters of the English, Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu alphabet, as well as Mathematics, and used this to keep a record of the clothes in the laundry from 1947 to 1998. Through an interview with a neighbour, the mark-making practice of my grandmother revealed itself through a new lens. The surprising aspect was that, in reality, she had no knowledge of these languages and her ‘language’ was one that nobody in the neighbourhood or family could understand. This script seems to have been forming and simultaneously destroying the notion of language itself, as normatively understood. This body of work is a response to my grandmother's secret mark-marking language as well as an attempt at drawing parallel connections with the forms of my own art practice. 

   ( For more details on the art work , please visit website link - //vikrantkano.wordpress.com/artist-portfolio/4/ )