“Bhutia kid: Pure Innocence Unleashed!”

Acrylic on canvas (21x17 inch), 2023

Get ready to be enchanted by "Innocent Rural Charm: Embracing Bhutia Culture," a captivating painting that transports you to the mesmerizing world of Bhutia culture. The artwork portrays the innocence of a Bhutia child against the backdrop of a serene rural setting.

The Bhutias are a devoted community who follow the teachings of Buddhism and speak the beautiful languages of Dzongkha and Tibetan. Their traditional rectangular houses, known as "Khim," stand as timeless symbols of their rich heritage.

With 16% of Sikkim's population, the Bhutias hold a deep reverence for the priesthood. They view it as both a scholarly and spiritual path, guided by the principles of Vajrayana Buddhism.

Join us on a journey that unravels the magical allure of Bhutia culture, where innocence harmoniously blends with the rustic countryside. Discover the intricate traditions, heartwarming values, and the profound beauty that lies within the Bhutia community. Let "Innocent Rural Charm: Embracing Bhutia Culture" captivate your senses and transport you to a world where tradition and simplicity reign supreme.