A lady with her teapot

Acrylic on canvas (19.5Ă—22)
Step into the enchanting world of Limbo village, where old traditions and cultural heritage thrive. In this captivating painting, I present to you Yuma, an elderly lady who embodies the essence of our village. Through her timeless appearance, we glimpse the vibrant traditions that define every household in Sikkim.
As an artist, I am committed to preserving and celebrating our cultural and folk identities. Through my artwork, I strive to showcase the daily life of rural communities, providing a window into their unique traditions. In "A Lady with Her Teapot," I capture the scene of a rustic, smoky interior. The walls are made of cow dung and mud, a testament to the traditional construction methods that have endured through generations.
Within this captivating setting, the focal point rests on Yuma and her teapot. As she engages in the ancient practice of basking tobacco leaves in the traditional way, a sense of nostalgia fills the air. The aroma wafts through the room, intertwining with memories of a simpler time.
Join us as we celebrate the rich tapestry of rural life in Northeast India. Experience the charms of "A Lady with Her Teapot," where tradition and daily rituals converge, reminding us of the beauty found in the simplicity of rural communities. Let this painting transport you to a world where age-old customs and a deep connection to our roots continue to thrive.