A tea seller

Watercolor on paper (15 Ă— 22 cms)
In this painting, a woman sits comforting herself, in a half-squat pose which conveys a sense of balance and poise. She is enveloped by a rich maroon background that enhances the contrast of her vibrant attire and the delicate steam from the pouring tea.
Her attire is a striking combination of a vibrant blue saree and a bold red blouse, creating a captivating visual juxtaposition. The saree drapes elegantly around her, its folds and pleats revealing the artistry of its design.
Her face is partially obscured by the billowing steam that rises from the tea she's pouring. The steam adds an element of mystery and intrigue, as if it's concealing a secret or a hidden emotion. Her visible eye, conveys a subtle, enigmatic smile that hints at both contentment and contemplation.
The play of colors, the poised posture, and the interplay of steam and expression make this painting a mesmerizing portrayal of a woman engaged in a serene and intimate moment, as she serves and savors her tea.