Ajyo morning break of a lepcha man

Acrylic on canvas (12Ă—16 ")
Step into the mesmerizing world of my latest painting, where I invite you to witness the captivating morning activities in a rural area. Picture an old Lepcha man, his weathered face reflecting wisdom and character, as he indulges in his morning ritual. 
As the first rays of sunlight delicately touch the houses and the grounds, this wise man brews a cup of steaming milk tea, seasoned with a pinch of salt. With an aluminum mug in hand, he joins his friends for animated conversations in the gentle warmth of the morning sun. This enchanting scene takes place during the enchanting winter season in Melli Aching, West Sikkim, where this delightful tradition is embraced by all communities.
Through my brush strokes, I strive to capture the essence of this cherished morning tea break, a heartwarming tradition shared by the people of Sikkim. Join me on a journey where art becomes a portal to experience the rich tapestry of Sikkimese culture and the beauty of everyday moments. Discover the joy of simplicity, the warmth of community, and the soul-stirring sights of rural life in my captivating painting.