Water colour & graphite on fabriano paper (A4)
Its content includes the current situation. Over the past year or so,we have all been directly or indirectly affected by the horrific global crisis we have been going through.Cavid-19 is its main reason.This artwork of mine is a part of it. I witnessed that my young neice was a victim of this harass pandemic-striken situation and who was daily confined within the four walls amidst this crisis which hindrances her thoughts. Childhood is a time of our most gentle, holy, pure, carefree, joyful moment. But the present awful situation has swallowed up even these beauties of childhood,swallowing their free thinking. The confinement of children is one of the unwanted pains of their childhood which they have constantly realized in this situation. So as an artist I chose this captive childhood of theirs as one of the most important things in my painting.
This painting name is"Anupay / helplessness", it's painted in watercolor method.