Oil on canvas (45/35cm), 2019
"In this painting a woman is portrayed with her eyes closed, dressed in exquisite traditional attire and adorned with intricate jewelry that reflects the rich cultural heritage. I tried to keep the focal point of the artwork on the monarch butterfly delicately perched on her serene face. The butterfly's vibrant orange and black wings stand out against the woman's elegant attire, creating a striking contrast.
With her eyes closed, the woman appears to be immersed in a profound moment of inner contemplation, shrouding her thoughts in the enigmatic depths of her psyche. I have tried to capture the enigmatic interplay between nature and tradition, where the butterfly symbolizes metamorphosis and newfound freedoms, while being juxtaposed with the timeless allure of cultural heritage. I hope the painting beckons viewers to unravel the mysteries concealed within its harmonious and enigmatic composition."