Bongthing (A Lepcha priest)

Watercolor on paper (A2)
In this painting, the mystical world of the "Bongthing" (a Lepcha priest) comes to life in vivid and ethereal colors. The central figure, a Bongthing, stands as a guardian between the physical and spiritual realms. Cloaked in traditional attire adorned with symbols of ancient wisdom, the Bongthing exudes an aura of mysticism.
The atmosphere is filled with a sense of reverence, as if the very air shivers with the presence of the sacred. It's a representation of the spiritual harmony that these revered figures seek to maintain between the natural world and the supernatural. The river on the background is the Rangeet River. The river bank adds to the painting's tranquil aura, with the flowing waters symbolizing the life force that courses through the heart of the land. The surrounding foliage, lush and vibrant, hints at the profound harmony between the Lepcha people and their natural surroundings.This painting invites viewers to contemplate the profound spiritual connection between indigenous cultures like the Lepcha and the rivers, forests, and mountains they hold sacred. It captures the enigmatic essence of the Lepcha Bongthing, their role as guardians of tradition and nature, and their vital contribution to preserving the rich culture of their people in the embrace of a serene river bank.