“Bungthing ” A lepcha priest

Acrylic on canvas (12×16 ")

Step into the mystical realm of the Lepcha community, where the captivating figure of a Bungthing — a revered priest and traditional healer — takes center stage. My restoring painting aims to showcase the significance of this exceptional figure who places unwavering faith in the power of nature to heal.

Prepare to be transported as you gaze upon the intricate details of this mesmerizing artwork. Adorned with a headdress adorned with vibrant feathers, reminiscent of the exotic birds that grace our lush surroundings, the Bungthing captures your imagination. His necklace, crafted from organic materials such as teeth, bones, and bells, emphasizes the sacred connection between man and the natural world.
In a modern world where Lepcha communities are gradually embracing diverse faiths like Buddhism and Christianity, the presence of a Bungthing is becoming increasingly rare. This painting invites you to appreciate and honor the legacy of these revered healers, whose wisdom and practices embody our ancestral traditions and deep-rooted belief in the healing powers of nature.Delve into the mysticism and wonder of "Bungthing: The Enigmatic Lepcha Healer." Let its vibrant colors and intricate details transport you to a realm where nature's potency and the ancient art of healing converge in harmony.