Coronation of last monarch of Sikkim

Acrylic on canvas (21x17 inch)

Behold my historic painting - a glimpse into the grand Coronation Ceremony of Chogyal Palden Thondup Namgyal in December 1964. With meticulous planning by the Ser-Thri-Nga-Sol Committee, led by the Gyalyum, the memorable day finally dawned on April 4, 1965.

International guests graced the occasion as the Chogyal and Gyalmo made their majestic entry into the Royal Chapel. Within, sacred rituals and prayers set the joyous tone, immersing all present in a sense of reverence. Adorned with regal splendor, the Chogyal and Gyalmo took their seats on golden thrones, receiving symbolic offerings.
This monumental ceremony marked the beginning of a new era for Sikkim, filling the air with jubilation and excitement. Festive banquets and merrymaking unfolded for days, uniting the people of Sikkim and their esteemed guests in celebration of their rich culture, traditions, and the promising future under the 12th ruler.
Step closer to this masterpiece - may it transport you to that enchanting moment of Sikkim's history.