Everyday Me Virtual Meet

Drawings (mix media on paper) and Animation (0.24 minutes)

How does it feel to meet oneself in virtual reality? Am I, Me?

This work is an extension of the project 'Everyday Me' that I started in 2019. Through ‘Everyday me’ I take an opportunity of peeping in-between moments,
trying to seize time through moments and jot it down on self-portraits. It captures ‘me’ in that particular time and space and the people and things surrounding me.

This video was conceptualized in 2020 - the year of the pandemic, lockdown, and a lot of virtual meetings. In between these moments, these 'meetings',
somehow a personal space seemed to have crumpled.  There were questions and conversations like, Is it necessary? Is this a fear of missing out?
What would happen if I spent those many hours talking to myself? Does that need to be a necessity? and many more.

This is where 'Everyday Me' started a conversation among themselves.