Good Night

Oil Paint on Canvas Cloth (72 x 48 inch)

What does a family dinner look like? How does a family member interact with the other while having food? How can one be attentive to what is going on outdoors? Does it imprint an effect on behaviour?

This is an extremely personal yet dominant image from my engagement with my family while having dinner during the Singur Land Movement (2006-2016); a major land movement by farmers of Singur block of Hooghly district in West Bengal with a sequential political reality. This ten-year-long movement and its aftermath has tremendous potential to influence my thinking and behavioural outputs.
The cropped vertical image, the materiality of the frame, the colour of the sky, taking over the background by the residue of an abandoned car factory, the stillness of the plate and our eyes -- the allover tension here acting as a response to what was going outside: the temperature of the movement, its political violence, and moreover the ambiguity of being in a village surrounded by political parties, police camps, activists and news reporters.