Khechuperi from Bajarey dara

Acrylic on canvas (21x17 inch)

Behold the Spectacle:
Khecheopalri Lake from Bajreydara

Beyond the ridge, a mesmerizing sight awaits. Behold the
foot-shaped beauty of Khecheopalri Lake, nestled amidst the gentle undulations
of rolling hills. This sacred gem is whispered to be the embodiment of wishes
come true.

Bajreydara, where nature's power crackles through the air,
finds its name rooted in Nepali. "Dara" signifies the awe-inspiring
ridge, while "Bajre" represents the place where thunder strikes with
frequency. The haunting presence of burnt and thunder-stricken trees still
grace the ridge, telling tales of nature's raw might.

Gaze upon this majestic ridge, reaching a captivating
elevation of approximately 3350 meters (11000 feet). Begin your trek from the
peaceful village of Melliaching, a mere 17 kilometers away from the charming
Pelling town.

Join us on this breathtaking adventure, where spectacular
vistas and the mystical allure of Khecheopalri Lake beckon. Let the whispers of
wishes and the harmonious dance of nature's elements enchant you. Experience
the magic of Bajreydara and let your spirit soar amidst the untamed beauty of
these hallowed lands.