Tempera on wasli (24.5 Ă— 34 cm)
'Niramayee' is adapted from the story 'Asukh' from the book 'Dew', penned by Tamaghna Naskar. I have narrated the story in my own way of contemporary art practice.
'Maa Sashti' is the renowned deity of Hindu beliefs, especially for Bengalis. She is described as a caring mother, who saves her children from diseases and untimely death.
In Bengal, people believe that the cat is the representative of 'Maa Sashti'. Bengali women also worship 'Maa Sashti' to wish for the long and healthy life for their children.
 A couple of months ago I found these kittens in critical condition. I was unsuccessful to find their mother. But they found a new mother.
Under the care of their new mother, they soon recovered. This is how I see a living 'Maa Sashti' in my daily life.