The Unheard Voice

Performance Art, 2019
"The Unheard Voice" blends 3D sculpture, sound art, and performance art. This piece is based on Kripa's experience of being a woman living in a male-dominated society. She was born in a non-conservative family in Mumbai, India. A constant reminder of being a woman and becoming ambitious has always been questioned by the society. "The Unheard Voice" creative process involves the development of conceptual, visual, audio, and vocal sound effects.  By minimising the use of hand gestures  performed in Indian classical dance , she has expanded the scope of communication to the audience without any cultural barriers through her artworks. The word "Thakita" is repeated in the second half of her performance, which is one of the rhythmic beats/talam commonly used in Indian classical dance. Talam is usually performed in mridangam (an Indian instrument) to accompany Indian classical dance, but in this performance it is vocalised to illustrate variations in heart beats and emotions as the performance progresses through laughter, anxiety, rage and silence. Throught the performance she is holding a pen and a sketchbook as a  woman who is trying to portray her thoughts as a reflection of her life on
a piece of paper. 
"The Unheard Voice" was performed at CUNY, The City College of New York.