Watercolor on paper (A2)
Yalang is traditional dance of a Limboo community, commonly known as "dhan naach" or "paddy dance" performed during the time of  harvest.
In the heart of a lush green landscape, a vibrant spectacle unfolds within the frame of this painting. The Yalang Dance, a traditional cultural expression, takes center stage with all its captivating energy. The scene is alive with movement and vivid color.
At the forefront, a group of dancers, adorned in elaborate costumes, exuberantly performs the Yalang Dance. Their dresses shimmer in the sunlight, decorated with intricate patterns of bright reds, deep blues, and golds. Each dancer's attire tells a story, representing the rich heritage of their culture.
The dance itself is a celebration of life and nature. The dancers' graceful movements depict the swaying of tall trees in the breeze, and their feet seem to tap out the rhythm of the beating drums.
You can almost feel the warmth of the sun and hear the rustling of leaves in the gentle wind. It's a scene that transports you to a world of tradition and joy, where the Yalang Dance connects the people to their roots and the beauty of nature.