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Aims to provide a faster and easier overview of art residences, mobility funds, grants and awards, concentrating on those covering all or most of expenses. Beside this, it also function as a platform to share experiences and opinions on different aspects of AiR programmes. Includes open calls, as well as opportunities to keep an eye on.


Artist Communities https://www.artistcommunities.org/residencies


Your one-stop guide to residencies for visual artists, writers, composers, choreographers, scholars, filmmakers, community artists, architects, and more - around the world and in your backyard. Hundreds of residencies, endless possibilities!


DutchCulture|TransArtists https://www.transartists.org/about-residencies

Combines and shares knowledge and experience on artist-in-programmes and other international opportunities for creative professionals to temporarily stay and work elsewhere. We offer you all about facts, use and value of international artist-in-residence opportunities. Our tools and services are developed from the artists' perspective. Our goal is to make the enormous worldwide residential art labyrinth accessible and usable to artists through our website, workshops, AiR collection, research and projects. To do this, we usually cooperate with a wide range of partners in all world regions. We are part of DutchCulture - Center for International Cooperation, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


ResArtIs https://resartis.org/listings/


Res Artis is a 26 year old network of arts residency centres from around the globe. Our network comprises over 700 vetted members in over 85 countries. We operate from three international offices: the Netherlands, Australia and Iran. We are the world-wide professional body for the field, enduring sustainability and growth by providing capacity building tools for our members through face-to-face meetings and digital platforms.We aim to support and connect residencies, develop and expand networks, engage and advocate the importance of residencies in today’s society, and provide recommendations towards cultural mobility research and policy.


11 of the World’s Most Unusual Residencies  https://www.artsy.net/article/artsy-editorial-11-of-the-world-s-most-unusual-artist-residencies


Call for Entries http://www.callforentries.com/category/art/residencies/    

C4E is a searchable online guide divided into art and photography sections to help artists and photographers find art calls and art opportunities. C4E encourages organizations to list events in C4E that focus on promoting work and advancing participants’ careers. Our team is committed to making C4E better for both event organizations and participants. Please let us know if there is a feature you would like us to add.


Sunny International Artists Residencies  https://www.sunnyartcentre.co.uk/artprize/?gclid=Cj0KCQjw_5rtBRDxARIsAJfxvYCsXHBk9Qwf8WM6gxU2DL1McrGRTIortgc1cXhp1xZRyuu6Mz9X4YkaAq3xEALw_wcB

The Sunny Art Prize in collaboration with leading Chinese national and international cultural institutions launched a series of new artist residency programs. For each edition of the Sunny Art Prize, we will provide the winning artists with the opportunity to be part of a residency in culturally dynamic and significant places in China. The idea of international cultural exchange, as provided by this open call for artists, was envisioned to complement the existing program of international exhibitions from London to China. While the artworks shortlisted for the Art Prize travel to new exhibiting locations and engage with new audiences, we believe artists should also travel and exchange knowledge about their practice with new communities around the world. Through direct interaction with Eastern culture, the artist residency aims to provide a profound, positive change to your practice as an artist as well as to you as a person.


Artnet News - Best and Weirdest Residencies https://news.artnet.com/art-world/best-artist-residencies-europe-1060478


US - National Parks Residency Program   https://www.nationalparksartsfoundation.org/our-residencies-page


Artists have created art in national parks since the late 19th century when famed Hudson River School painters captured the majestic views of our nation's western parks. Today, the sights and sounds in national parks continue to inspire artists in more than 50 residency programs across the country.Whether staying in a remote wilderness cabin at Denali National Park and Preserve in Alaska or contemplating history at Herbert Hoover National Historic Site in Iowa or working in a contemporary studio overlooking the stone-lined fields at Weir Farm National Historic Site in Connecticut, these programs provide artists with unique opportunities to create works of art in varied natural and cultural settings. There are programs for visual artists, writers, musicians, and other creative media. Programs vary, but residencies are typically 2 to 4 weeks in length and most include lodging. Often artists are invited to participate in park programs by sharing their art with the public.


US - Notable Artist Residencies https://www.thebalancecareers.com/a-listing-of-notable-artist-residencies-in-the-usa-129544




Anderson Ranch https://www.andersonranch.org/programs/artists-in-residence-program/

Anderson Ranch’s Artists-in-Residence Program fosters creative, intellectual and professional growth for emerging and established visual artists. Residents have access to world-class facilities and studio time, free from everyday pressures. Residents can pursue interdisciplinary projects among a community of working artists, and gain feedback from prominent Visiting Artists and Critics. The Ranch setting is specifically crafted to aid artists in the production of their work.  The residency is designed to allow artists to take risks and pursue new projects and ideas. Resident artists will be provided housing, studio space and meals.  Residencies are offered in ceramics, new media, photography, furniture design, woodworking, painting, drawing, printmaking and sculpture. Fall residents pay a fee of $1,500 for the 10 weeks at the Ranch. Spring residents pay a fee of $750 for the five weeks at the Ranch. Four of the 28 residencies are fully funded fellowships awarded by the jury panel. The residency is offered during two terms each year (approximate dates): Fall Term: October 9th – December 19th (10 weeks) Spring Term: March 16th – April 20th (five weeks)


Artist Residency in Iceland  https://www.hvitahus.is/

Hvítahús is a residency program for artists and an art gallery. It's located just next to the Snæfellsnesþjóðgarður national park. surrounded by astonishing landscapes, special sea biosphere and bird life.  The Hvítahús was restored in 2010 by Steingerdur Johannsdottir and Arni Emanuelsson. Including now a fully equipped residency floor with a bedroom, toilet, kitchen and living room, a 30m2 double-height studio / exhibition hall and gallery facilities.  Hvítahús, originally an ice storage (íshús), is the only remaining building from the old Krossavik harbor.  The recently renovated Hvitahus preservs its original characteristics and structure.


Penland School of Craft - Residencies  https://penland.org/residencies/

Penland School of Craft has four residency programs. The three-year Resident Artist Program provides low-cost studios and housing for seven or eight full-time artists who are at transitional points in their careers. The two-year Core Fellowship provides housing, studio space, and workshop access for nine emerging artists who work part-time for the school along with participating in workshops and developing their own work. The Winter Residency makes one to six weeks of studio access and housing available in January and February. The Andrew Glasgow Writers Residency brings a writer to Penland for several weeks each summer.


Monson  Arts   https://monsonarts.org/residencies/

Monson Arts is a new artists’ residency and arts center in Monson, Maine offering 4-week residencies for artists and writers  as well as shorter intensive workshops and community programs throughout the year. Artists-in-residence receive a private studio, private bedroom in shared housing, all meals, and a stipend. Application for this program is open to artists and writers from all over the world working in all media and at any stage in their career. Located at the edge of Maine’s North Woods near the Appalachian Trail, the town is surrounded by areas of stunning natural beauty.


The Banff Artist in Residence (BAiR) program   https://www.banffcentre.ca/programs/banff-artist-residence-summer-2020?gclid=Cj0KCQjw_5rtBRDxARIsAJfxvYDeAwIt2U-9pyKXlygaFwqvAEYKRqywKXJ_OPwYWqDb8UWa1USGY_waApuUEALw_wcB

Designed for visual artists to focus on their own practice in a supportive learning environment. Participants are encouraged to explore new ideas, create, self-direct their research and time, and cultivate new directions in their work — all while surrounded by a community of peers within Banff Centre’s spectacular mountain setting. The program encourages experimentation and risk-taking, via access to shared production facilities and knowledgeable staff who are available to provide technical support and assistance.* Participants may attend talks, exhibitions, and performances by world-renowned visiting artists as well as receive studio visits from program guest artists. In addition, participants have the opportunity to build connections, create networks, collaborate, and share their work with other artists-in-residence and the public.




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Websites with current postings (with most ideal being for young artists and international) and Funding or fellowship opportunities for young artists