My work is informed by my interest in psychology and concepts related to our existence, subjectivity and consciousness. I try to search for a representation of self-identity that describes the character of appearances and their relationship to place. In addition, my work attempts to explore visual strategies that suggest an implicit relationship within the soul that is affected by public space. Moreover, I attempt to reveal the source of characteristics that are buried and never declared except in our own subconscious; but which inevitably affects the way in which we capture and interpret images. Freud defines “awareness”, as a voluntary act that occurs in complete mental awareness, unlike behaviors that occurs in the time of lethargy and omissions. Through the concept of awareness Freud stresses that human beings always need to skip the shallowness of thinking and to be more rationalistic in analyzing incidents associated with human behavior. These are concepts I am trying to explore through my art practice. In my films I create imaginary scenarios that represent my other self in the dream world. This enables a sense of spiritual liberty in which I can find a place for psychological processing of areas of confrontation. Hence, I can specifically create scenes in which there is a collision between myself and the other self-a hypothetical universe in my mind.