Many events, occurring in our surroundings, are strange and surprising, but we accept them easily. The habit to accept the pretension, hypocrisy, and the astonishing and negative events in our surroundings, is also visible in our practical lives. They have become the norms. Sometimes I feel alien in these circumstances. Sometimes I pretend to be accustomed with the situation, but sometimes I can’t.

I create in my paintings an absurd world, full of strange looking creatures and illogical events. The arrangement of the objects is also surreal. I love to play with images and their forms. I use collage, paints, and digital prints, often transferring one image to another. I paint my experience from daily observations, and the narrative is more important to me than the medium.

The animals or insects in my paintings are strange looking, but they pretend to be real creatures in the real world. The absurd figures which are wearing superheroes customs stand for our own hidden or distorted desires. The unstable environments I create, influenced by surreal literature and science fiction movies, stand as metaphors of the crisis of our time.

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