From the time I joined the university in 2010, situations in society, personal experiences are the foundations of my sculptures and paintings. My sculptures usually start with a source of inspiration, subject matter and theme then evolve into composition in which composition, and source of inspiration is the primary subject.

During the final semester of my first year at university, I experimented stained glass in sculpture and how it would be used as a material to make a three dimensional sculpture compared to the usual two dimensional works created out of stained glass and glass blowing. Being a non-biodegradable material, I thought it wise to use the waste pieces innovatively. Stained glass has now become a prominent feature in my work and I intend to continue with the same material.

As an artist and female sculptor, it has come along with it difficulties like gender inequality i.e. school and class where the number of female artists is less than the number of male. An example of being in a sculpture class of three females to about twelve male students; in addition to that, the stereo type that sculpture is not an art done by many more so females, the burning urge through my work is to help encourage upcoming female artists and sculptors to be more assertive in what they want and what impacts they would want to create to society regardless of what society thinks and believes is impossible. To me art is synthesis of my personal feelings and experiences, serenity and simplicity are my primary goals.