Nicole Cataldo–Davies (FDA, MA, WTT)

Nicole is a practicing transdisciplinary artist and alchemist working in creative consultancy, campaining and dynamic choreography. Her research explores activating connective aesthetics, socially engaged practice, and the environment.
Many of her works touch upon the urgent need for new creative requisites in human thrivability.

Nicole has recently worked alongside the Dutch Inventors Guild (Het Uitvlindersgilde), and has an ongoing project SAPP - (Socail Arts Development Agency) that manages collaborative weekends in creative arts for emerging artists to develop participatory work in deprived areas of London.
She is currently advising for a historical dance film ' I'am Not A Village '

Recent work has been exhibited in the V&A and as part of the European Art
She has worked alongside BBC3 and been featured on BBC Morning Breakfast TV for her awarded performance for Lush Animal Testing Campaign

With international awards from Muheley Foundation, Trafo and Fenivcie Veloci & home residencies with Lush cosmetics and the New International Company Of Live Art, her work and performances have been recognised and funded by the British Council, EU, Association for the Advancement of Visual Arts and the won the 2013 Youth Initiative Award.

Nicole is continually developing her own methodologies in Social Sculpture and art that enlivens creativity towards the self, the community and the environment.

She lives on a boat in London and is a pirate working on behalf of New Dawn Traders and Tres Hombres for Fairtransport

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